Monday, March 30, 2009

MPM - March 30 - April 5

Hey there!! Thanks for stopping by!

Another week of meals from our South Louisiana home. No true Cajun dishes this week but all very easy and mostly figure friendly.... Mostly...

A few of the recipes are available below.

Cresent Casserole
Chuck Wagon Corn

Family Dinner at my Mom's
(yay no cooking for me!!)

Johnny Massetti - Family Favorite
(pasted down from Jon's G-ma YUM!)
Garlic Bread

Baked Tilapia
Carrot Souffle

Sausage & Pepper Baked Ziti
Green Beans

Date Night!
Sushi @ Osaka w/friends

Enchilada Casserole
Yellow Rice

Hope you enjoy some of these recipes.
This will be my 1st attempt at the carrot souffle... I'll keep you updated!

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Cresent Casserole - from Jon's Maw Maw

1 lb ground meat
1/2c Sour Cream
1/4c Chopped Onion
1 (8oz) can Dinner Rolls
1c Spaghetti Sauce
1/3c Grated Parmesan Cheese
6oz (1 1/2c) Shredded Mozzarella
2tb Margarine

Heat oven to 375 degrees.
Brown meat & onion, drain.
Add spaghetti sauce until heated.
In another bowl, stir mozzarella & sour cream.
Pour meat into ungreased baking dish.
Spoon cheese mixture over meat.
Unroll dough over cheese.
Mix parmesan and butter.
Spread over dough.
Bake for 18-25 minutes.

Johnny Massetti - from Jon's Grandma Maclynn

1 lb ground meat
1 stick of butter (I use 1/2)
1lb Cheddar Cheese
1 medium onion - chopped
1 medium bell pepper - chopped
1 can (5oz) Tomato Sauce
1 jar Button Mushrooms (I use 1 package of fresh)
1 (14oz) can Whole Tomatoes
1 can med Black Olives
1 pkg medium seashell pasta

Brown onion & peppers in butter.
Add meat.
Season to taste.
Brown & drain.
Add tomato sauce, whole tomatoes & mushrooms.
Boil pasta, to firm texture.
Melt in cheese to meat mixture, about 15 minutes.
Add pasta & pour into casserole dish.
Bake at 350 for about 45 minutes.

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Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Sounds like a yummy week you've planned; especially the Johnny Massetti!


sandy said...

Sounds great! Can I come over;0)

I came by to welcome you to SITS! It's great to have you in the SITStahood:0)

carma said...

You get a nice break on Tuesday (oh that's tonight!)

Stopping by from SITS to say "hi" and welcome!! I know that you will enjoy being a part of this vibrant community of bloggers :-)

Joy said...

Daisy, what a GREAT name you have!

Welcome to SITS, it's great to have you as a SITSta!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm, food. And then I saw the word cajun. So now I am going to have to snoop around and see what ya've posted!

I am stopping by to give you a big welcome to the SITSahood! Glad you could be a part of it and we look forwar to seeing you around!

Anonymous said...

Dinner at your moms house sounds great! Food always tastes better when somebody else cooked it.

Welcome to SITS!

Valerie said...

Wow I love your menu. I am definately going to have to try a couple of them.

I wanted to welcome you to SITS!! Your going to love our community.

Have a great day!

AP said...

oh wow, all of it sounds great!!
welcome to SITS

Eudae-Mamia said...


May I come over?

Enjoy dinner out tonight with friends!

And welcome to SiTS! Em

Ann On and On... said...

I need to plan like that...great tips for me and your other readers. Mom dinners are best, no cooking. :D

Great to have a new SITSer, welcome! I'm having a giveaway for a monogram bag...come on over!

Donnetta said...

Menu AND recipes?!?!

You might be my new BFF!!

Stopping by from SITS to welcome you to the SITStahood!

A Cheap Chick said...

Stopped by from SITS. Love the menu and I enjoy your site! I followed!

Come by and visit virtual Phoenix sometime at:

A Cheap Chick's Ray of Sunshine

Mamarazzi said...

sounds like a VERY yummy week!!

I am stopping by to welcome you to SITS! You are going to love being a part of this community of women and playing in the SITStahood!

If you get a chance stop by my blog I am having a fun and easy contest and giving away 5 SUPER AWESOME prize packages!

Rhea said...

I LOVE Southern Louisiana. I have lots of family in Baton Rouge.

Great recipes!

I'm from the SITS Welcome Wagon! I've been a member since it's beginning, and I've met so many amazing women and read so many fun blogs. I'm so glad you've joined us, SITSta!

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