Monday, March 23, 2009

Coaxed Out of Inhibition

I love to people watch. Call it nosey if you will but I enjoy it. Before I had kids there was a bar near my hometown that I could sit and watch people all night and be utterly amazed.

This morning, when we were waiting for the childcare room to open at the gym, a woman drove into the parking lot on her cell phone. Talking a mile a minute and her non-driving hand waving around as if her wrist was dislocated. I couldn't look away. Seriously!

People amaze me sometimes. Driving down the road or in a parking lot you would swear that some people don't realize that you can see them. Between the singing, eating, screaming at their kids, or picking their noses (don't kid yourself! you aren't fooling anyone with that one!)... sitting in a vehicle allows people to let their guard down.

It's not that they aren't aware of their surroundings. They feel safe behind the glass and enclosed in metal (or fiberglass). So is it the safety or is it that they feel that they are in their own world.... or do they just not give a ??? (Yes I curse like a sailor normally but this really doesn't need an expletive)
I know when I'm driving and the kids and I are singing that people look and giggle but I also do that in the grocery store... and I really don't care/mind that they are laughing. I'm having fun with my kids and that's what matters right?

But back to the inhibition or really the lack of...
The combination of a cellphone and a vehicle are pretty equal to a few stiff drinks when it comes to their lack of restraint. I'm not saying it's a bad thing. I'm just amazed at how quickly it can happen.
Most people wouldn't act the same way if they were on their phone walking through, say, the mall.... Yes I know that some people have no tact and will scream and curse while on their phone in public, this is totally different.

What are the little things that people do that amaze you??


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