Thursday, March 26, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

This is my first Things I Love Thursday. I really like this idea - mainly because I have too many "things I don't like" partial posts. I don't like always being negative but I always end up there in the end. So maybe this will help... and someone kick me if I get negative OK??

Things I Love!... that happened today....

When Walker says "I just want to sweet you Momma"... right after he gets caught doing something he knows he shouldn't. He then walks up and rubs my arm with this oh so guilty grin.

How do you argue with that?? I always lose this battle. He walks up giggling and smiling JUST so I'll start laughing too.

Yes I have some idea of what I'm in for when he's 15.

If he's anything like his Dad... I'm in trouble!!!

What did he get caught doing this time you ask. Weeeeeeell....

He found a pair of scissors in his room. Not sure how they got there yet. My kids are from the school of Admit Nothing.

So did he make a masterpiece of art with his new found Nip/Tuck skills??

You tell me...

Don't recognize it??

It usually looks much better on say...

A Toddler Mattress!!!

His sister's mattress!!

An Interior Designer in the making?? His father would surely faint.
A little boy destroying his sister's... well anything?? I think that would fit much better.

So what should I do?? What can I do??

Yes besides take them away. And tell him that it wasn't very nice.

How do you punish a 4 year old when he starts to show destructive behavior?? And all you can do is laugh because 1-he's very proud of himself and 2-he just wants to "sweet you."

So here is my Things I love Thursday post... wanna see more??
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Taylor said...

It was my first Things I love Thursda too. It's a fun idea!

Just Being Me said...

Argh I recognize that!! That boy!! lol

Wifey Dessert said...

that grin is adorable!!!

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