Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekly Menu Plan March 23-29

It is so much easier for me to shop when I know what we are eating... and I spend alot less money this way as well.

To do this I really try to make out my menu for the week. Once I comb through various magazines that come to my door and a few of the other fabulous bloggers who post their menus, I get the "OK" from the people who are forced privileged to eat what I cook each week. I only plan dinners. This is because I stay home with my 2 youngest and I don't cook all day! I don't mind cooking on the weekends. Our breakfasts usually consist of cereal, bagels, fruits, and/or granola bars. Lunch isn't much different, if we are home. Sandwiches or leftovers are par for the course.

If you'd like tips and helpful printouts so that you can start menu planning as well, check out these sites:
Menu Planning Central
Menus 4 Mom
Organizing Junkie - Menu Planning Monday

So here goes my list:

Meatloaf w/Mozzarella, Mushrooms & Pepperoni (All You)

Chicken, Chili & Cheese Enchiladas (All You)

Crispy Parmesan Baked Chicken Breasts (adapted from a bag of Tilapia)

Crock Pot Beef Stew (McCormick packet)

Tuna Casserole (Amalie is cooking)

Walker's Birthday!! He picks.

Walker's Party - Kart Ranch Pizza

Great part about this menu is that I only have to go to the store for 1 (ONE!!) thing, a rotisserie chicken for the enchiladas!! But I could always bake one myself..... Albertson's is just so much easier.

So what are you cooking this week?? Any healthy cheap new recipes you've found lately??

Don't forget to check out the other menu planners listed above.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Edit: A very helpful reader suggested I post my recipes. Thank you so much! I will def do that next week.


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