Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Top 10 Reasons WHY I'm doing this

Top 10 Reasons why I started this blog

10. I need a place to vent.

9. The conversations in my head just aren't cutting it anymore.

8. I want a place to talk about myself without getting interrupted or hear "Oh well guess what happened to ME."

7. I need a place to scream that won't scare my kids away.

6. The other one wasn't interesting enough.

5. My sister's (Hi Atie!) push from 2 months ago finally won.

4. I think I'm funny sometimes.

3. I need a place to vent, gush, scream, brag and whine about my life.

2. Seeing my thoughts in "writing" has always helped me.

1. There's no reason I shouldn't.

Well it may not be the best list but it's all true. Enjoy.


Atalie said...

I think you are very funny....a lot of the time. I am so proud and look forward to reading each and every post. BUT...if you call me Bridezilla once...I'm not ready anymore. (this is actually a lie, I don't think I can resist reading anything you write.)

Cassie said...

I know whatcha mean, we all need to vent sometimes! I do it kind of a lot haha!

Military Wife said...

Your funny! I like #9! I use my blog to vent also. It helps, and sometimes its easier to write out thoughts and feelings than talk about them. I hate being interrupted when I am trying to vent.

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